Hens Night

What's not desirable about a party boat? Water, boat, and lots of fun- without the stress of the common public! With a private charter cruising through the seas particularly for your hen party enjoyment, you and the girls have all urged aboard for an exceptional bash on the splash!

Hens Night Party Cruise In Melbourne And Docklands

With a committed professional serving the drinks and preparing some delicious grub, enjoying the amazing night has never been so simple or privately obtainable! Completely tailored and bespoke to your party's requirements, you and the group can kick back and relish the sights as you smoothly sail the waters of your chosen destination.

Certainly, hitting the nightclubs and bars is still a probability - but with the party perfection and privacy to be relished aboard Barkoona Cruises, why bother with the queues, taxis, high prices and the not so good music?!

Hiring Hens Night events cruise in Melbourne and Docklands for your hen weekend exclusively allows you to place a nice big mark next to virtually all of the 'must-haves' on your concepts lists. With committed professionals and bar staff, your biggest effort will be selecting and then lift your drinks! Sailing through the seas and exploring the regional area, these bespoke bashes are ideal for a personal party without all the attention you charmers would obviously attract in town.

We can assist you to develop your own Hens night cruise with a choice of food, boat, boarding drinks, decorations, and entertainment. Excite your hen guests with canap├ęs and cocktails or enticing dinner and drinks.